the Five Peaks

= Introduction =
The Five Peaks contain some of the most rugged terrain in Anuire, including five of the most forbidding mountains in the region. Set along the range between the Seamist Mountains|Seamists and the Stonecrown Mountains, this area is the original spawning grounds of the goblins and orogs that so plagued the dwarves and elves of ancient Cerilia. Today the creatures harbor more evil intent than most might guess. Though no known awnsheghlien live in the Five Peaks, travelers still risk plenty of hazards. Besides the brigands, goblins, and orogs, rumors populate the region with griffons and giant tribes as well.

= Life and Society =
These mountains boast precious little greenery; what little there is, the local bands have foraged for firewood, grazing, or weapons. Since most consider these peaks a scoundrel’s last refuge in Anuire – and the place where restless goblins go to escape the goblin king’s tyranny – few residents hold regard for the law or other people. Self-preservation requires friends though, so, they form bands whose members kill on sight to get what they want.

Each province of the Five Peaks has its own hierarchy. The chiefs of the human brigands usually have at least a single trusted lieutenant. The goblin tribes often do not, for they have grown up mistrusting the others of their race. Orogs follow a single chieftain unquestioningly until the time comes to challenge that chieftain.

= Political =
The Five Peaks has no single regent. The provinces actually remain separate kingdoms, each controlled by bandits, goblins, or orogs. They struggle with each other continuously, a microcosm of Anuire itself. The rulers seem to change weekly, as inferiors work their treachery and the various tribes lose members in battle. In this constant change of power, bloodlines have nothing to do with who rules and no one set of laws controls the lands.

the Five Peaks

Marked in Blood Tves